The top 4 favourites!

The top 4 favourites!…

Lets explore our customers top 4 Barn light favourites currently! It’s not easy picking a style because we have so many to love. Have a look down the list of the current top selling designs and inspiration from our customers homes.

No 1. The Original Gooseneck Barn light 

The Original™ Gooseneck Lights have been popular for exterior lighting as far back as early industrial warehouses. The shape of the dome and gooseneck offer that retro style to add design features to your exterior wall or doorway, and sits well in a contemporary setting. These original ‘RLM Shades’ are the ideal choice for homes, businesses, and restaurants looking to add a feeling of warmth and comfort.Particularly suitable on a long gooseneck arm so that The Original™ can be positioned to highlight your best outdoor features, The Original™ is also popular as a ceiling chain, pendant or small sconce for exterior ceilings such as covered balconies and open sheds, or inside lighting of a large room.

Popular in classically styled homes, The Original Gooseneck lighting complements ultra-modern urban lofts, trendy businesses, and much more.

No 2. The Universal Gooseneck Barn Light….

With its slanted neck leading into the classic warehouse shape, The Universal shade provides a broad spread of light refracted from its dish-like dome while shielding eyes and neighbours from light direct from the bulb. This deep bowl style permits for more focused illumination without the characteristic broader illumination associated with The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light & The Original Gooseneck Barn Light.


No 3. The Old Dixie Barn Light….

Old Dixie gives classic rustic charm with its deep bell-shaped dome. It brings old-school style to complement your classic and contemporary décor. Its rounded curves spread the light broadly and evenly off the inside of the bell, enabling you to fill a large space with light from a small number of these gorgeous Barn Lights. Suitable indoors, though the quality craftsmanship that goes into all our lights makes Old Dixie a long-lasting feature in outdoor conditions.


The Old Dixie warehouse shade is considered to be a “modern” typed Warehouse shade by Barn Light. Why so? Well a long centaury or two ago the costs associated with manufacturing hard-edged, detailed lighting shades was unaffordable to the average person. Most lighting fixtures from this era provide very little in way of detail (check The Original Barn Light as an example!) due to the use of either wooden molds or untreated steel molds – any hard-edged or concave designs that featured would wear away as more shades were spun. This provided little value to the metalspinner who would then need to create more tooling. Our Old Dixie tooling is made from heat-treated steel that was once designed to spin steel porcelain enamel shades. These days we strictly spin aluminium providing an environmentally conscious process that extends our shade life and ensures every Old Dixie is identical. We’ve been spinning this shade since 2014 (Australia) and from 2008 (USA).

This designs compliments most styles and the shape, contour, dimples, and concave features of the Old Dixie Barn Light now provide a more “modern” twist on an beloved style.

No 4. Austin Wall Sconce…

The perfect feature to light up your front door, the Austin Wall Sconce is our most popular wall-light, and the ideal complement to your Hamptons Style home. The petite Austin Wall Sconce provides a splash of light where needed, and a welcoming glow from a deep bowl that shields the eyes from direct light. The Austin is a durable, long lasting, completely outdoor rated light that highlights your home’s best features.

The Austin’s small, 25mm diameter shade allows for mounting in tighter spaces while the minimally intrusive gooseneck keeps walls and doorways lit without intruding too far into the space. Proudly Australian made, this hand-spun, all-weather aluminium shade is affixed to a slender 1/2″ Brass-Plated Steel Arm and mounted on a 160mm spun aluminium sconce plate. If you like the Austin Wall Sconce you may also like the Eclipse Wall Sconce – same sconce different shade, or take a look at the Avalon – same shade with a more classic base.


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The top 4 favourites!

The top 4 favourites!… Lets explore our customers top 4 Barn light favourites currently! It’s not easy picking a style because we have so many